True Tracker

The AgGPS TrueTracker implement steering system consists of an implement mounted GPS receiver, NavController II and hydraulic platform kit that work with any implement that can be mechanically steered. This includes potato equipment, planters, strip tillage rigs, and 3-point mounted equipment. Supplemental systems such as the Orthman® Tracker IV or Sunco Acura Trak can be added to most implements making them controllable with the TrueTracker system.
The AgGPS NavController II sends T3 terrain compensated corrections and precise steering instructions to the implement by using guidance information from the FieldManager display and RTK positions from the 252 receiver mounted on the implement.
The AgGPS 262 GPS receiver mounts on the implement and coupled with the implement’s NavController II; provides one inch pass-to-pass and year-to-year position accuracy on the implement.

Keeps implements on a repeatable path, even on extremely sloped fields and variable soils

The Trimble® AgGPS® TrueTracker™ system includes a GPS receiver and T3™ terrain compensation technology mounted on the implement. The AgGPS FmX™ integrated display in the tractor communicates guidance information to the TrueTracker system, instantly adjusting implements such as tillage tools, strip tillers, drills and planters, cultivators, sprayers and harvesters to follow directly in the path of the tractor.

With repeatable accuracy the TrueTracker system improves seedbed and nutrient placement helping to enhance crop stands and yields.

AgGPS TrueTracker system Factsheet
Trimble Tips Factsheet
T2® and T3™ terrain compensation technology Factsheet


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