EZ Steer

Hands-free steering – the foam wheel presses against the steering wheel
T2® terrain compensation technology improves accuracy when driving across sloping terrain
Easily installed and moved from vehicle to vehicle. Installs in under 30 minutes with one wrench on most vehicles
Manual disengage by turning the steering wheel

Simple, portable hands-free farming for over 1000 vehicle models – old and new

The AgGPS® EZ-Steer® assisted steering system turns the steering wheel for you by combining a friction wheel and a motor with GPS guidance from the FmX integrated display, the EZ-Guide® 500, the EZ-Guide 250 or the EZ-Guide Plus lightbars. While the EZ-Steer keeps you on line, you can focus on many different tasks, such as spray or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields while reducing fatigue.


EZ-Steer Factsheet
T2® and T3™ terrain compensation technology Factsheet


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