FmX Integrated Display

LB25 lightbars can be attached to the display or mounted separately
Control up to 48 individual rows with the Field-IQ™ crop input control system and easy to install Tru Count clutches
Accurately monitor and map harvested crop yield and moisture with yield monitoring
Deliver the correct amount of fertilizer real-time with the GreenSeeker® nitrogen sensor
Control your rate when planting, seeding, spraying, spreading and strip tilling with the FmX® integrated display and Rawson™ variable rate drive
Two GPS+GLONASS receivers provide precision with the vehicle, as well as the working implement behind the tractor—where you really need it
Control your implement with the TrueGuide™ implement guidance and TrueTracker™ implement steering systems
Easily perform prescription based rate control
Manage field leveling and field drainage with the FieldLevel II system

What precision ag functions do you want to control?

With industry leading performance and reliability, the AgGPS® FmX integrated display can handle all your precision ag needs. From guidance to steering, rate control to yield monitoring, the FmX integrated display has you covered. The versatility of the FmX integrated display makes it the affordable choice to adopt as technology changes.


FmX integrated display Factsheet
T2® and T3™ terrain compensation technology Factsheet


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