AgGPS EZ-Guide 250 system

Tracking, record-keeping, and feature mapping for liquid and dry manure applications now available.
The 4.3″ color screen allows you to see at a glance where you are, where you’ve been and what you have been doing.
Transfer your day’s coverage maps to your computer using a USB flash drive and easily print out coverage reports.
Built-in GPS receiver provides submeter DGPS accuracy. Low-profile patch antenna included, or upgrade to 6″ – 8″ pass-to-pass accuracy with optional AG15 antenna. Optimized guidance accuracy with OnPath® filter technology for use in any part of the world.
FreeForm™ guidance pattern, the ultimate in guidance flexibility, allows you to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit the layout and contours of your field. Just drive; FreeForm will automatically detect the nearest driven swath and guide you right beside it.
New entry-level lightbar guidance systemWith common-sense interface and a color screen, the EZ-Guide® 250 lightbar guidance system is easy to operate right out of the box. Plus, you can upgrade to the EZ-Steer® 500 assisted steering system, delivering a total package priced far less than the competition.


EZ-Guide 250 system Factsheet
T2® and T3™ terrain compensation technology Factsheet


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