Instalab® 600

The leader in precision grain analysis

Discover the most reliable, accurate fixed filter testing results with the Instalab® 600 Series.

Completely customizable, Instalab 600 Series units allow you to change filters to adjust bandwidth for any probe, including protein, cellulose, sugar, ash, starch, oil and fat, alcohol, cotton, and polyester.

Take advantage of dependable, precise measurements with the Instalab 600 Series Analyzer.


Model 660A:

Includes filters in six common wavelengths
Measure moisture, protein, starch, oil, etc.

Model 610FGA:
Includes 10 filters
Measure feed and grain properties

Model 610SBA:
Includes 10 filters
Measure soybean, wheat, and corn properties
Meets FGIS requirements for moisture, protein, and oil

Model 610MCA:
Includes 10 filters for NIR applications
Measures properties in food, feed, grain, meat, and dairy

Model 610A Custom:
Includes 10 filters:
Six standard filters
Four customer-selected filters
Choose from more than 50 wavelengths
Allows dedicated calibration for special product applications


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