Dakota Micro

Over a period of years, the AgCam system has been honed and continuously improved into a product that has made a name for itself, even at times being referred to as “the bullet proof camera” (Shot 15 times with a .22 and its still fully functional). The ability to always offer “more” to our customers has drawn the attention of first class Original Equipment Manufacturers who now offer the AgCam as a product in their lineup. These OEM’s include Trimble, AGCO, Pickett, Straw Trak and many more.

As technology has grown, Dakota Micro has grown with it, and has risen to the needs of larger customers desiring to work with a company who has established themselves as honorable in business dealings and known for producing high quality products at an affordable price. Being located in a rural setting and in the business friendly state of North Dakota has allowed DM to thrive and adapt with the changing business climate.