Connected Farm

Connected Farm™ allows you to manage your farming business from any compatible web browser with live access. Data can be collected in the field using your smartphone or with Trimble’s DCM-300 modem in the cab. Your free Connected Farm account allows you to easily view, sort, and print information so that you are able to make better management decisions from any location.

Connected Farm gives you access to real-time movement of your vehicles, engine performance data, vehicle alerts, field boundaries, and scouting data. It also makes your life easier by providing instant updates within the web application while protecting your valuable data with secure backups.

Connected Farm™ offers many features for fleet and field to simplify information management. The solution can be customized to your needs and can operate on many brands of equipment. Easily access your information online so that you can make quicker, well-informed farm management decisions.


The dashboard provides one central location for viewing key information that impacts your operation. Use your web browser to customize widgets for:

dashboardWeather Forecasting
Rainfall Totals
Commodity Prices
Field Operation Maps
Fleet Locations


For the Fleet

For the Field

Fleet Position Tracking

Connected Farm enables visibility into real-time fleet positions so managers can make intelligent decisions to optimize operator performance. Knowing the location of each vehicle can improve fuel usage, reduce application mistakes, and prevent theft.

Asset Position History

Connected Farm saves a historical breadcrumb trail for each vehicle to verify previously reported locations. Quickly find out where each vehicle traveled by entering a date range.

Geo-fence and Curfew Alerts

Connected Farm enhances farm security by creating virtual geo-fences and curfew alerts to help notify managers of theft or unauthorized use of vehicles. If a vehicle travels outside of pre-defined working hours or areas, a message is instantly sent to the manager’s cell phone.

Cab Dashboard and Reporting of Public CAN Messages

Connected Farm utilizes a virtual dashboard of cab monitors to view fuel usage, battery voltage, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and more. Dashboard information can be transformed into performance analysis reports that can be used to enhance productivity, efficiency, and swift decision making.

Fleet Productivity

Connected Farm captures productivity information which includes time spent idling, moving, and traveling. When used with the FmX® display, operators will be prompted to enter delay reasons when motionless for a set period of time. Productivity and delay reasons can then be viewed online so that better decisions can be made about fleet management.

Remote Assistant

Connected Farm reduces employee downtime by remotely accessing the FmX® integrated display in real-time to diagnose a problem. The operator never leaves the cab which leads to time savings and greater efficiency.



NEW! – Connected Farm Fleet App

Monitor your entire fleet from any location with a smartphone or tablet. The app is a powerful management tool for viewing current equipment locations and status in order to increase fleet efficiency and productivity.

View the current status of equipment while overlaid on background imagery or road maps.

Navigate to equipment from your current position using turn-by-turn directions.

Receive geo-fence and curfew alerts.

View historical positions.

Vehicle to Vehicle Data Exchange

Connected Farm eliminates the need for USB storage devices by transferring guidance lines, coverage maps, tank levels, and yield data between multiple vehicles using wireless technology. Operators in the same field are able to share information to minimize overlap and crop inputs, while reducing their carbon footprint.

Office to Field Data Exchange

Connected Farm eliminates the need for USB storage devices by transferring guidance lines, drainage designs, as-applied variety maps, yield data, and variable rate prescription maps between the office and field using wireless technology. Using Connected Farm allows quicker access to information, resulting in better farm management decisions.

Connected Farm Scout App

Change the way you use GPS for field mapping and scouting applications in agriculture. The app utilizes your smartphone or tablet for mapping field boundaries, marking flags, and entering scouting information.  Maps and scouting data can also be saved and viewed online.

  • Map areas, flags, and field boundaries.
  • Enter scouting attributes for pests, weeds or diseases and log the severity of problems and crop conditions.
  • Capture and geo-reference digital images of pests using the phone or tablet’s built-in camera and GPS.
  • Calculate nitrogen rates by using crop readings from the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor.

NEW! Rainfall (by Rainwave)

Eliminate rainfall guesswork or tedious checking of physical rain gauges. Have access to critical rainfall information for every field to help manage your irrigation system or daily farming operations.

  • Eliminates physical rain gauges.
  • Check rainfall totals for each site for the past 24 hours.
  • Use information to manage irrigation pivots or field operations.

NEW! NDVI Readings

Connected Farm utilizes a free app for smartphones and tablets for entering NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) readings taken with the GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor to calculate nitrogen application rates. Crop readings and nitrogen rates can also be saved and viewed online.